When founder and president, F. David Deskins entered the wastewater treatment industry in 1980 he discovered processes that were expensive, inflexible, and labor intensive.




With an innovative spirit, extensive research and Midwestern determination the Deskins Quick-Dry Filter Process™ was created.  Our quick-dry process is the first patented process to make thickening and dewatering more efficient, reliable, predictable and cost effective.


Since this initial development, the company has continued to innovate with additional technologies, medias, and tools available to improve your municipal, industrial or agricultural wastewater management. 


Deskins RapidFloc Mixer® is the next evolution in wastewater management.  The Deskins RapidFloc Mixer® is an inline-mixing device used to enhance chemically-induced liquid-solid separation.

The mixer decreases polymer usage by up to 30%, generating significant cost savings.


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