The strange world in the physics of the RapidFloc Mixer and tornadoes! Increasing energy with implosion!

Could wind alone produce this?

Could wind alone produce this?

Here at Deskins, we have heard statements from our RapidFloc Mixer clients like, "There is magic in that pipe!", "How does the pipe do this?", "How did I double throughput on my centrifuge and reduce my polymer?".  Well, there is no magic just physics. Plus, if it were just a pipe, put one in front of your dewatering modality and see how well that works. The RapidFloc's success can be explained very clearly through the Bernoulli equation or more succinctly the law of conservation energy in fluid dynamics.  Also, our unique blend of centripetal force at the effluent side of baffles and flow of sludge facilitate the conditions necessary to increase throughput with very negligible headloss. Think about it........ The next time you are in a plane and you peruse the landscape below.  Notice the rivers, they very rarely form a straight line.  They will almost always bend because mother nature knows this produces the most efficient way for the river to (along with rocks) clean itself or reach its final destination.  This is why a serpentine pattern of sludge flow mixing can help.  However,  this is missing the re circulation pattern  and strategically placed baffles that the RapidFloc Mixer provides.   Owner of 9 patents, Dave Deskins and owner of our company, quickly realized this.  The re circulation almost eliminates head loss.  Not to mention, sludge recirculates to give the polymer up to 11 times to attach itself. 


1st baffle mix.PNG

How is this related to tornadoes?

Behind baffles sludge and polymer is dynamically mixed centripetally or through implosion.  This could explain how wood planks embed into steel pillars in a tornado or a truck gets dropped a half mile away in a tornado.  This my friend, is not just wind- it is a so called energy anomaly.  Just think cyclonic energy or vortex energy.

For this reason,  the eddies or vortexes give the polymer and sludge a chance to dynamically mix several times in our RapidFloc Mixer. 

Traditonal static mixer's could produce good results but no recirculation= increased head=centrifugal energy not maximizing Reynolds' numbers.

Serpentine pattern mixer's could produce better flow of sludge (like a river) very rarely centripetal mixing=still produces head loss.  Once again not maximizing Reynolds' numbers.

RapidFloc Mixer=even faster flow of sludge compared to straight pipe=centripetal mixing at baffles-re circulation of sludge and polymer. Maximizing Reynolds' numbers.

C-ya next time.  Trust me, I have a lot more on this subject!