The RapidFloc Mixer low risk and high reward strategy to dewatering sludge!

Wouldn't it be nice to actually get much needed equipment for next to nothing? Wouldn't it be nice to actually get equipment to free up capitol? Wouldn't it be nice to get equipment in wastewater that provided you with a return on investment in under a year?

I have some great news!!!!

You can!  The device is called The RapidFloc Mixer.  This device has been installed as far away as Australia.   The RapidFloc Mixer works wherever and whenever there needs to be volatile mixing in front of all types of waste water equipment-even clarifiers.  We have seen up to 70% in polymer savings and up to 50+% in production.  With our competitive interest rates we have arranged a partnership with a local bank to provide financing.

Here is some math to prove my point!

  1. RapidFloc monthly payment $500/per month.
  2. Polymer cost your plant $2000 per month.
  3. RapidFloc saves your plant 40%=That's $800/month and you have covered your monthly payment with a surplus of $300!
  4. Here's more great news!  $300 gained in capitol per month. 
  • You have increased the efficiency of the plant through better production reducing man hours.
  • You potentially could increase dry solids and reduce transportation cost of your solids.
  • You decrease wear and tear on your centrifuge, beltpress, rotary drum thickener or screw press because The RapidFloc actually mixes polymer and sludge with minimal headloss.  

.....and the best news!  

You were out nothing!!!!!! 

Low Risk High REWARD!