Click here to see the chart on how Deskins stacks up to other methods of dewatering.

Sand Drying Beds are one of the oldest ways to dewater sludge.  Dave Deskins knew that this process could be improved on over 30 years ago.  By simply adding polymer to the sludge with a polymer activation unit, he could increase productivity of the sand drying bed.  

However, his improvement of sand drying beds did not stop there. He invented the RapidFloc Mixer and Deskins Quick-Dry Filter Beds increased efficiency placed on the high demands of sludge dewatering (see video).  Between Texas and California -there are over 30 installations of the patented Deskins Quick-Dry Filter Bed System.  Most notably the Clovis Water Plant, with a savings of over 12.5 billion gallons of water in 12 years.  Deskins played a pivotal role in the operation of this plant and was presented at an AWWA Conference (see it here)

Deskins will have two RapidFloc Mixers being utilized in the agricultural market in Europe in the next few months.  We are extremely excited about this and will keep you posted.  This will definitely give companies an edge on polymer reduction and efficiency of centrifuges/ beltpresses.  


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