Water draining form Quick-Dry Filter Bed for water reuse and water recovery.

Water draining form Quick-Dry Filter Bed for water reuse and water recovery.

With over 120 Quick-Dry Filter Bed installations spanning the globe, Deskins provides a sustainable,reliable and efficient green technology for sludge dewatering in water, wastewater, industrial and agriculture.  Plus, you retain 98% of your plants water with our simple and effective process of back wash water recovery.  We are not typical sand drying beds. 

The Deskins “Quick-Dry” Dewatering System is the first patented process to integrate state of the art technologies to make thickening and dewatering on granular media an efficient, reliable, predictable and cost effective process.

Enhanced Separation-To expedite the production of dry solids, it is first necessary to chemically induce separtion of the solids from the water. The Deskins Process employs a unique polymer activation system with the patented RapidFloc Mixer to optimize agglomeration and floc formation, resulting in processing cost of less than $10.00 per ton of dry solids (TDS).

Enhanced Drainage-The Deskins “Quick-Dry” Filter Design, which incorporates pre-saturation and the Deskins “Quick-Dry” Drainage panels, enhances drainage by preventing compaction of the filter media, by the uniform distribution of solids across the surface of the filter, and by natural development of vacuum assisted gravity drainage upon release of the impounded saturation water. Additionally, the Deskins Filter design reduces the overall depth of filter media which reduces the volume of the volume of retained water in the media.

Enhanced Drying-The rapid drainage of water from the solids results in the dramatic compression and reduction of the solids layer captured on the surface of the granular media. Typically, the layer of solids will thoroughly crack within 2-4 hours and will reach 18-24% dryness overnight. The cracked solids layer more effectively absorbs the sun’s radiant energy and rapidly transpires entrapped moisture.